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At NeoTokyo we aim to build Workstations that just work as intended, as System Builder we get to build and test many configurations for almost every application, Our aim is to provide the knowledge of choosing the right hardware for the job, so you can work without the worry of can my computer handle this? Information related to optimal hardware requirements available online is either out of date or too generic.

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2nd Floor , Koroth Arcade, Vennala High-school Road, Opposite V Guard Industries, Vennala 682028
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Mathews Roy

The one of the best custom PC experience store in kochi. I recently went there to get a custom gaming PC build and they got me the best deal. Thank you gooys.

Amal Joy

The one and only custom PC experience store in Ernakulam. I was able to save a lot of money by getting build recommendation from the experienced staff. If you want a custom PC, be it gaming or professional, look no further, Neotokyo is the way to go.

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Bear teddy Pvt ltd

Best dealers for desktop computers. I purchased customised pc for our office purpose . They were really friendly, understood my requirements and delivered on time. Thank you team neo tokyo

Andrew Dcrus

A one stop shop for all our PC needs! Hands down one of our best decisions in Kochi. A very cooperative and helpful team. Professional and timely delivery. Congratulations on a great venture. We look forward to a long association with NeoTokyo.

Experience Store

A Tech Haven in 1500 Sq.ft Area to experience PC Master Race. Here we built Custom Computers for Gamers, Creative Professionals and Businesses, that come in all sizes.

Project E-DEN

An Ultimate Gamer Mancave with Custom Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC, Dual Monitor Setup, Alexa activated Climate and RGB Lighting control.


Experience Virtual Reality the way it’s meant to be played with PCVR power by Oculus Rift S and our very own Virtual Reality Engine aka “Morpheus”.

LFGD (Large format Gaming Display)

144Hz Gaming on TV? Yep. How about in Glorious 4K HDR? That’s LFGD for you. 55” QLED Display with Stunning Image Quality and Gaming monitor like features such as Auto Low Latency (ALLM) Gaming Mode and variable refresh rate (VRR).

Student/Home PC

A personal computer, for work, gaming, internet, media etc. An allrounder for everyday needs.


An Ideal workstation PC for the Professionals and Creators. Powered by a 16 core processor with 64 Gigs fast DDR4 memory and a Professional Workstation GPU with 16GB of GDDR6 Error-Correcting video memory.

Racing Simulator

Drive through stunning roads around the world or set the Fastest Lap time. Powered by Thrustmaster TX PC Racing wheel with true force-feedback, experience every traction loss, road bump and crash through the wheel and Immersive VR Cockpit mode for next-level realism.